eve, Inc. (Electronic Village Enterprises) has been providing Internet solutions since 1995. Whether you need a basic web site or a complete interactive solution we can help. eve, Inc. offers a range of services that are packaged to meet your requirements. Some of the Internet-related services offered include:

  • Website Hosting – Enables your website to be available on the Internet. Usually includes e-mail services and DNS hosting. Linux/PHP/MYSQL and Windows/ASP/MYSQL hosting available.
  • Website Design – A custom look for your own website. Each design is different, and must be quoted individually. Request a website estimate with our online form.
  • Website Maintenance – Adding news updates, making changes to your website, repairing broken websites, removing malware from infected websites, etc.
  • Website Domain Registration – Registration of your website name, usually billed annually. An example would be “mywebsitename.com”.
  • E-mail – Available as a standalone service or included with your web hosting account. Includes an encrypted connection option for security.
  • SSL Certificates – A secure server certificate used to encrypt Internet communications. Requires your domain to have a unique IP address.
  • DNS Hosting – Free option with any registered domain, website hosting or e-mail service purchased from eve, Inc. Provides the Internet with your domain’s lookup information for email, website, subdomains, etc. eve, Inc. maintains two geographically separated, cloud-based DNS servers.
  • Script InstallationHaving trouble installing your new Perl, Javascript, ASP, PHP or HTML code to your site? Other installations we can help with are Joomla or WordPress installations.