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Android Setup:
To setup email on your Android: (May not apply to all models due to vendor customizations)

Go to your applications list
tap Email
Enter your full email address
Enter your password
tap NEXT
tap POP3
scroll down to POP3 Server
enter mail.YOURWEBSITENAME.com
scroll down and tap NEXT
SMTP server = mail.YOURWEBSITENAME.com
Port = 587 (most likely auto-detected)
Require Sign-In = checked
username = full email address
password = your email password (should be auto-filled)
tap NEXT
tap NEXT on the “Account options” screen
You can optionally name the account on the following screen
Enter your name the way you want it to look in the “FROM” field of your emails
tap Done

If you need additional help, please contact support@eve.net, or call the office directly.

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