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2 News and Announcements
Archive of news and announcements. Remember you can search the website for specific subjects/articles by using the search field at the top right of the website at any time.
65 Frequently Asked Questions
Technologies supported, how to keep your computer safe online, how to create a good password, etc.
44 Website Links
Website links customers may find interesting relating to local Huntington, WV business or personal computing.
34 Customer Support Articles
Step by step instructions for setting up E-mail, FTP, fixing common issues and other helpful articles.
25 Help Desk – Submit a Support Ticket
If you are currently experiencing trouble with your Web, E-mail or Domain Name Services, you can post a support ticket online here.
88 Pay Your Bills Online Using PayPal
All major credit cards are accepted. Alternatively, you can pay by mail with a check or money order. Click for details.


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