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Here are the step by step instructions for using Filezilla. When I use quotes or brackets referring to typing something, do not type the quotes or brackets.

Download the Latest Stable Filezilla client here:

After installation, click the Filezilla icon on your desktop or from
START menu | All Programs | Filezilla FTP Client.

Click FILE, then Site Manager

Click New Site button

Type in [Your website address]

On right side, fill in the following settings:

Host: [Your website address]
Port: 21
Servertype: FTP File Transfer Protocol
Logontype: Normal
User: [Your Username]
Password: [Your Password]

Click Advanced Tab
Click browse button next to “Default Local Directory” – find the
directory you want to download things from the server into. Highlight
the directoryname by clicking it with the mouse, then click “OK”.
In the text box below “Default remote directory”, enter: “/”

Click “Connect” button at bottom of window to test and save your settings.

Another tutorial on how to transfer files, etc can be found here:

If you need additional help, please email support at: support@eve.net

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