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Press the Windows button. This will take you to the start screen.

Click MAIL button on screen

Move your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of the screen

A settings bar will appear

Click Settings

Click Accounts

Click Add an Account

Choose Other Account

Click IMAP

Enter your email address and password, then click SHOW MORE DETAILS

Incoming (IMAP) server = mail.YOURDOMAINNAME.com port = 993

Outgoing (SMTP) server = mail.YOURDOMAINNAME.com port = 465

Note: your domain name might end with .org, .net instead of .com as shown in the example above.

Incoming server requires SSL = checked

Outgoing server requires SSL = checked

Outgoing server requires authentication = checked

Use same username and password to send and receive mail = checked

Click Connect

You may get a “problem with server certificate” warning. Tell Windows to “Connect Anyways”


After setting up your email account, if you still have trouble connecting, verify your mail settings match the screenshots below.

To double-check your settings, after starting the mail program, move your mouse to the bottom right of the screen, click SETTINGS, click Accounts

You should have your e-mail account listed here since you have already set it up. Click its name to check the settings.

Scroll through the settings, and make sure they are similar to the following screenshots (except with your own e-mail address, domain name, etc)



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