304-697-7705 sales@eve.net

Dear eve, Inc. customers;

Recently some email clients (Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) have started rejecting secure mail settings in their devices when the SSL certificate domain does not match the mail server domain in your mail settings. In the past, customers could tell the device to “Continue”, and the mail would work normally.

This is no longer the case. To resolve this error, you will need to contact eve, Inc. with your domain name to get your “real” mail server name.

Once you replace “mail.YOURDOMAIN.com” with the real mail server name in both incoming and outgoing mail server settings, your incoming and outgoing email will work normally.

Please contact eve, Inc. via the form at: http://eve.net/contact/help-desk-submit-ticket/  or by phone at: 304-697-7705 and you will receive the new incoming/outgoing mail server name.

Thank you

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