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How to remove a virus from your computer

Here is the software and instructions to clean a virus from your machine: Please note that the old password that a virus was using to send spam/virus emails with should no longer be used anywhere. If you are using the compromised passwords anywhere else, you should...

E-mail Safety

Make sure to use a good password, and change it fairly often. Password Tips Do not open emails or email attachments if you do not recognize the sender. Some viruses hijack a user’s email program and send out viruses, so even if you recognize the user, if the...

Outlook 2010 – Change Outgoing SMTP Port

If your outgoing email was working normally and stops working unexpectedly, but you can still receive your e-mails properly, it is likely that your ISP has started blocking port 25 on your Internet account. These instructions will provide a way to update your SMTP...

Windows 10 Preview Available

If you want to beta-test Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 10, you can download the preview edition here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview Note: The preview will expire on 04-15-2015.  
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