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If your outgoing email was working normally and stops working unexpectedly, but you can still receive your e-mails properly, it is likely that your ISP has started blocking port 25 on your Internet account. These instructions will provide a way to update your SMTP port so you can continue sending e-mails normally.

Open Outlook 2010

Click File, then INFO

Click Account Settings

Click Account Settings under “Account Settings”

List of email accounts appears.

Double-click your email account to open it

Change Account window opens.

Make sure outgoing mail server (SMTP) is: mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM

Click “More Settings” at bottom right

Click “Outgoing Server” tab

Make sure “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication” is checked.

Make sure “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” is selected under it.

Click ADVANCED tab

Change the number 25 to 26 next to “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”  – (if 26 does not work, try 587 as well)

Click OK

Click NEXT

Close Outlook and reload it

If you still have issues with your eve, Inc-hosted e-mail account please contact support by:

phone: 304-697-7705
e-mail: support@eve.net
online: Submit Online Ticket

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