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How to setup email on Kindle Fire

1. Open the default email application. Tap “Start” button at bottom of screen.

2. Select Email Provider screen opens. Tap “Other” at bottom of screen.

3. “Enter the Login Information for This Account” screen appears. Enter your full email address for the top line, and your password for the bottom line. Tap “Next” button at the bottom of the screen.

4. “Account Type” screen appears. Tap “IMAP”.

5. “Incoming Server Settings” screen appears. Enter the following settings:

Email Address: Your full email address

Password: Your Password

IMAP Server: mail.YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME.com

Security Type: SSL (if available)

Authentication Type: PLAIN

Port: 993

IMAP Path Prefix: (Automatic using NAMESPACE if available)

Use Compression on network: (all checked)

Tap Next (Kindle will check your settings to make sure they are right, then show the next screen)

6. “Outgoing Server Settings” screen appears. Enter the following settings:

SMTP Server: mail.YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME.com

Security type: TLS (if available) ← NOTE: TLS, NOT SSL!

Port: 465

Require sign-in = CHECKED

Authentication Type: AUTOMATIC

Username: your full email address

Password: your email password


7. Inbox settings appears. Folder Poll frequency – to save battery, leave on MANUALLY. Otherwise, select a time for the Kindle to automatically check email (every 15 mins, etc…)


8. Other Setup Screen appears. Enter the following settings:

Display Name = Your name in plain english, ie: John Doe

Account Name = Your email account description in plain english, ie: YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME.com EMAIL

Check “Send mail from this account by default”, if you want this email account to be the default email account on the Kindle.

9. Done. Tap “View Your Inbox” to see your mail.

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