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These instructions are based on the following link:

On Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings Settings icon, and then tap Email + accounts.

Tap Add an account > Other account.

Look for “Advanced Setup” in the email setup area

In Advanced Setup, tap Internet Email Account

Account Name: [a descriptive name for the account like “My Email”]

Your Name: [their full name]

Incoming Email Server: mail.[your domain name] Example: mail.domain.com

Account Type: IMAP4

Username: [Your full email address]

Password: [Your Password]

Outgoing Email Server: mail.[your domain name] Example: mail.domain.com:587 (if it doesn’t work with the “:587” on the end, try :26, if that doesn’t work, remove it)

Outgoing server requires authentication: YES

Use the same username and password for sending email: YES

Verify there are no typos, then tap SIGN-IN

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